About us

We are twin sisters, two halves of a special unity that have taken a step outside our comfort zone to make our dream happen. Be Alive Physiotherapy is born as a combination of our skills and life lessons to create a space to share one of our passions: for health and well-being.

Our passion is to help others; our mission to fight stress, that force that is impacting too many of us. We believe that when you understand the why, the how and the impact of stress in your body and life you are empowered to make a better choice for yourself.

Silvia Gonzalez-Quinones is Co-founder of Be Alive Physiotherapy

Silvia Gonzalez-Quinones


Physiotherapist |Osteopath | Myofascial Therapist


Silvia has been a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for over 18 years in rehabilitation and orthopaedic therapy in the public health system and private practice. In 2011 she migrated to Perth where she has been working since, developing particular interest in shoulder, jaw, back pain and emotional stress.

Her passion for the body led her to complete a degree in Osteopathy (by University of Barcelona, 2008) and seek other therapies that address emotional symptoms. It was only after she received a treatment by Myofascial Release that she experienced a remarkable improvement in her long term on-going health issues. She focused in learning about fascia and got a Diploma in Myofascial Release Therapy (University of Seville, 2003) and once in Perth she became a Structural Integration practitioner (KMI) by Anatomy Trains Australia in 2015.

Silvia is an empathetic and caring practitioner that understands highly sensitive people, being one herself. She views the body as a whole, as an integration of body, mind and emotions.

Silvia enjoys running, tennis, healthy cooking and recharging in nature.

Our vision is to help you get in touch with your body to create balance in your life

Vanesa Gonzalez-Quinones is Co-founder of Be Alive Physiotherapy

Vanesa Gonzalez-Quinones


Managing Director | PhD | Scientist


Vanesa completed a degree in Environmental Science and a PhD in Soil Science back in 2006. She came to Perth to work as soil biologist and has been in research until 2016.

Vanesa’s passion has always been psychology and neuroscience, in how brain and emotions work and the impact they have on your health. Her ongoing passion is learning evidence based new techniques in functional neurology that might benefit kids with learning difficulties.

Vanesa loves cooking, the beach and playing padel tennis.