Hi I’m Silvia,

Congratulations on making a decision towards better health.

I’ve been a physio for over 20 years and I love helping others. I combine different techniques from Physio, Osteopathy and Myofascial to help your body in a gentle and caring way.

Please fill out the tabs below to book and appointment to see me.

Looking forward to working with you:


Initial Assessment Consultation

60 min


On your first visit we will be looking at your history, posture and a few muscular and nerve tests. What we find here will help us with the diagnosis and we will make a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Treatment starts afterwards by applying different manual techniques. Please bring comfortable clothes.

Standard Subsequent Consultation

30 min


This appointment is a visit of 30 min to follow-up the treatment plan.

Long Subsequent Consultation

45 min


This appointment is a visit of 60 min to follow-up the treatment.

Gift Voucher – Physio session

60 min


A gift voucher will be redeeming for an initial assessment consultation if you are a new client or for a long subsequent consultation if you are an existing client.